Why choose us


Quality control is not the slogan but the act. The full detailed quality management system is the key.

At Union Solar,the QC system is complete, comprehensively and strictly enforced at every single production step - from material supply, cell and module production to the shipment of the finalized products.Each employee will get whole training of products and operation guide before working. Our staff works in strict conformity with product specification requirements at every step in the production process, engage in self- and cross inspections and perform random sample testing.

To ensure product quality from the beginning , an income inspection of all materials is conducted carefully Back sheet covers, toughened glass, silica gel, junction boxes, frames, soldering powder and EVA sheets. The affixing, ordering and fitting of cells in the module are evaluated during module production, as well as the sheet lamination through EL measurement before and after the lamination process. After framing the junction box fittings are tested for secure fixation. After completing, the current-voltage-ratio and the visual appearance of the module are inspected. Final packaging and shipping inspections are performed before our products are packed and ready to leave the factory.